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Global Trade Consulting(GTC) is always with you!

As the international logistics system is systemized and the mode of transportation is getting developed, the world becomes unified in terms of logistics.

In this circumstance, small goods are transported through express cargo service or Express Mailing Service(EMS). In the case of these services, customs clearance by list or simplified customs declaration is carried out without a general customs clearance. On the other hand, when the goods have to go through quarantine or the amount is over the limits it must be cleared for import through general declaration.

GTC has systemaized to carry out import customs clearance and delivery with simple information, in order to reduce the customers business such as setting up customs agency or submitting the documents with general import declaration,

If you fill in the following information and attach the documents you have, we will proceed with customs clearance without giving you any inconvenience and hand over the goods to the final destination

Customs Clearance Fees

The fees are as follows. If any unconditional issues happen during process, additional charges may occur.

  • Basic customs clearance fee: KRW 30,000 (VAT excluded)
  • Additional fee upon request for submission of customs documents: 10,000 won (VAT excluded) If there is shipping document (invoice, packing list), no need to pay Additional fee.
  • Additional fee for site inspection (if happened): KRW 20,000 (VAT excluded)

Please fill out the following information and click the Apply.
If you have a registered business certificate, it can be carried out under the business name for tax refund.

* marked columns must be filled out.
Issuing Personal Customs Code

Please attach the following documents if you have.

  1. 1. Documents related to customs clearance: International mail simplified customs clearance application form or international mail customs clearance information
  2. 2. Quantity and price information: Purchase data
  3. 3. Shipping documents: invoice, packing list
  4. 4. Business registration certificate: In case of customs clearance is carried out under the business name
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